January 27, 2023

Page speed is important for landing pages

Page Speed – How Your Landing Pages Really Run At Full Throttle

What exactly is Page Speed and how is it measured?

The Page Speed of a landing page is the speed at which it loads when a user accesses it. It’s an important factor in user experience and can affect your website’s search engine ranking. A fast loading time helps keep more visitors on your website and generate more sales or leads.

To measure a website’s page speed, you can use various tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tools, and GTmetrix to check the different factors that affect loading time. These include, for example, the number of images included on the page, the hosting setup, the size of the files and the use of caching techniques.

The importance of page speed for high-performance landing pages

Page Speed is very important for landing pages, as loading time is a big factor in user experience and therefore any conversions in the form of sales or leads. A fast loadig time can encourages visitors to stay longer on your page and execute an appropriate conversion.

A slow loading time, on the other hand, can cause visitors to leave the page quickly, thus decreasing the conversion rate. Especially in SEA, slow landing page loading times quickly affect the quality factor, which directly contributes to worse ad rankings.

So, on the one hand, your landing pages should be complex enough to best satisfy the searcher’s initial query, but at the same time fast enough not to compromise the user experience in this way.

lyftyfy’s landing pages run at 100%

lyftyfy generates up to 4 million landing pages running at 100% page speed at the blink of an eye. And this is guaranteed on both desktop and mobile. This is ensured for each template despite different content being dsitributed on the individual landing pages. So conversions shoot up not only because of the highly relevant content, but also because of the fast page loading times with lyftyfy. Our landing pages usually score a quality factor of 10 on Google Ads.

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