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Millions Of Google Ads

A giant wave of ads and custom-fit landing pages echo almost any search query.

Conquer the Entire Long Tail

Which keyword phrases should you use? Our clients say: Well, all of them!

Higher Conversion Rates

Put an end to mini percentages. Think double figures!

No matter what your customer is looking for on Google – your offer always appears at the top.

Björn Carstensen, CEO, Co-Founder Lemon Systems

This is how it works


Our keyword category lab is open for
many, many suggestions and ideas

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We generate millions of ads

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The Ads Lead To Millions of Individualised Landing Pages

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  • Create and control scalable Ads campaigns of any size (Google’s limit is 4 million)
  • Create and delete thousands of landing pages automatically with each new keyword
  • Easily edit millions of landing pages at once
  • The Language Engine shapes static keywords into intelligent copy from ads to landing pages
  • Automatically deploy dynamic content blocks linked to single keywords
  • Dynamic keyword call-to-action buttons
  • 100% customizable WordPress landing page template

  • Preview and test scalable generated content on landing pages in WordPress
  • Preview and test ad copy to ensure scalability
  • Keyword category templates
  • Suggestion automation for similar keywords
  • Gamified blacklist-editing and expansion of keywords
  • Automatic check for duplicate entries
  • Privacy friendly tracking
  • No cookies
  • Up to 2x faster upload per new API
  • Many more things to come

Generate more pre-qualified leads!

Enter a world of by far the largest and most accurate campaigns you have ever had