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Millions of perfect landing pages for SEA campaigns

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Millions Of Google Ads

A giant wave of ads and custom-fit landing pages echo almost any search query.

Conquer the Entire Long Tail

Which keyword phrases should you use? Our clients say: Well, all of them!

Higher Conversion Rates

Put an end to mini percentages. Think double figures!

Maintaining linguistic control is quite important for many of our clients. Being able to ensure this control automatically, even at scale, is unique.

Henning Hock
CEO firststars GmbH, Performance Marketing Experts, Berlin

Being able to turn simple keywords into intelligent text is something lyftyfy has done quite well.

Adrian Sievering, SEA Lead
OMS AG, Frankfurt

Unbelievable how many leads this campaign generates – we couldn’t have spent our marketing budget better.

Wolfgang Balthasar
B4H Green Energie SE Aktiengesellschaft

Create Millions of Individual And Unique Ads

With that many ads out there, there will be exactly one that will perfectly echo whatever someone
has searched for. Users love that. Keep an incredulous eye on your CTR.

create millions of indivudual ads

Create Millions of Individually Corresponding Landing Pages

Unlike anything you’ve seen, lyftyfy creates a perfectly corresponding landing page for every ad.
With the same keywords flowing in perfectly natural language. Keep your eyes on the Quality Score.
Yes, and the UX Score and, of course, your conversions.

create millions of individually corresponding landing pages

An Architecture To Scale, Maintain And Optimize This Giant Landscape

As we pioneer into new grounds and territories we require tools and workflows to intelligently
handle error-free scalability and performance of highly individual campaigns. Roger that.

An architecture to scale, maintain and optimize this giant landscape


Create and control scalable Ads campaigns

Create And Control Scalable Ads Campaigns of Any Size

Well, almost. lyftyfy could happily do 400 million, but Google limits campaigns to 4 million Ads. That is a lot of ads. So many, in fact, that all these ads are quite the user experience with whatever people were searching for coming up like an echo in each individual ad.

But Quality Score only gets sizzling when each of these ads come with a perfectly matching landing page. So we do 4 million of those, too.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to host all those landing pages. We do that for you on our high-performance servers. And then we map the DNS to your domain, so no one will even notice.

Create And Delete Thousands of Landing Pages Automatically With Each New Keyword

So, you just came up with a few dozen new keywords. Oh no, do you now have to go and set up all those new landing pages?

Nope. Just enter your keywords. Corresponding landing pages will pop up automatically in the background.

Same the other way around. Getting rid of some of those bad keywords? Tens of thousands of landing pages go away with a “poof!” – all without any further ado.

Create And Delete Thousands of Landing Pages Automatically With Each New Keyword
Easily edit millions of landing pages at once

Easily Edit Millions of Landing Pages At Once

One of the reasons nobody ever even thought of doing campaigns and ads this many is that there is no way you keep tabs on millions of landing pages.

lyftyfy’s approach is template based. So once you come up with great ideas to improve your strategy, you only make changes in, say, a handful of places.

There you go – you’ve just mastered millions of pages.

The Language Engine Shapes Static Keywords Into Intelligent Copy From Ads To Landing Pages

You want total control over your ad’s and landing page’s copy. However, you cannot influence how people use keywords to search for something. So you can’t just hand over those search terms through to your ads and landing pages and hope for the best.

Fortunately, lyftyfy makes keywords literally come alive. This is not your favorite robot’s text. This is you taking control over how keywords, however they were used in a search term, will play out correctly in sentences of any shape, size or form.

The Language Engine shapes static keywords
Automatically deploy dynamic content blocks

Automatically Deploy Dynamic Content Blocks Linked To Single Keywords 

We love ads. But we also love Content Marketing. That’s why we thought we could make our landing pages even more useful, stunning and effective.

So, if you think your clients have a say with their very own topic – and we’re sure they do – let your landing pages dynamically play out a paragraph or two related to that special topic specific users are interested in.

This also works with images.

Dynamic Keyword Call-To-Action Buttons

One of the reasons people think they have landed on a tailor made page just for them is that even the calls-to-action are texted for them indiviually.

People love pressing those buttons.

Dynamic keyword call-to-action buttons
100% customizable WordPress

100% Customizable WordPress Landing Page Template 

lyftyfy rolls out with a specialized page template. It will ensure enormous page speed and conformity with GDPR requirements. All hosted in Germany, no scripts to phone home, no external libraries – no cookies, no consent management needed.

Will that boost performance? It most certainly will. Will you be able to track your performance? Absolutely. We’ll just use Matomo and host it ourselves. Your visitors will thank you very much.

And you can style it anyway you like.

Preview And Test Ad Copy To Ensure Scalability 

With perfect control over how your language comes out of your ads, regardless of what kind of keywords your leads are using, and regardless of your campaigns scale, this is something you would really like to test beforehand, right?

With lyftyfy’s ads preview tool, you can click through those endless landscapes of unique ad copy and check how your copy works out in any thinkable context and combination.

Preview and test ad copy to ensure scalability
Preview and test scalable generated content

Preview And Test Scalable Generated Content On Landing Pages In WordPress

Being able to test even more copy on millions of unique landing pages required building a special preview tool right within WordPress.

With it you can check all of your tailor-made paragraphs that contain dynamic keywords, click through them or have them run on auto-mode to impress your clients with how many different headlines and paragraphs of text you have written.

Keyword Category Templates 

lyftyfy relies on the topic and intent model of the search giants for its category management. Some of those categories even come pre-filled to get your campaign up and running in no time.

But it goes beyond that in offering additional custom fields for custom purposes. They let optional content pop up out of nowhere, if certain keywords trigger them.

Or you can just adapt the category system to your own habits and tastes.

Keyword category templates
Suggestion automation for similar keywords

Suggestion Automation For Similar Keywords

lyftyfy uses keyword recursion to make sure your keyword universe keeps expanding after the big bang of your launch.

Gamified Blacklist-Editing And Expansion Of Keywords 

One of the most important parts of campaign optimization will always be left to the good judgement of humans. Fortunately we gamified this.

This will likely be familiar to you. Swipe right if you like this feature.

Gamified blacklist-editing and expansion
Automatic check for duplicate entries

Automatic Check For Duplicate Entries

Being able to tailor to so many keywords, intents and interests makes it a bit harder to keep track of what you already have and what may still be missing.

But don’t worry. If among the hundreds of keywords you just came up with an idea you or someone else already had, lyftyfy will gracefully tell you that.

Privacy Friendly Tracking

Are some of your visitors wearing hats? Did they have Ramen for lunch, and did they pay for that with their credit cards? Actually, we don’t want to know, and the EU doesn’t want you to know either.

That’s why the entire lyftyfy architecture is built with privacy by design. We use anonymous tracking with Matomo (self-hosted) to feedback the campaign’s performance to Google. But no user data.

And we sleep quite well at night.

Privacy friendly tracking
No cookies

No Cookies

Did we forget the cookie banner?

No. But we put in some extra night shifts to avoid ever using one.

There have been reports of people that, for the first and only time that day, didn’t have to click one of those away.

And of all places, that was a campaign page. Strange and nice new world.

Up To 10x Faster Upload Per New API

lyftyfy connects to Google right through their latest API. And since they have really sped things up with this release it is now no longer a matter of days uploading even vast campaigns, but a matter of hours.

Up to 10x faster upload per new API
Landing page with over 90% page speed

Landing Pages With Over 90% Page Speed

One of the metrics regarding Quality Score is page speed. So, not only do we have perfectly matching landing pages for each and every Ad out there, those pages also come to the users with lightning speed.

That makes users very happy. Let’s give this a 10.

Many More Things To Come

We at lyftyfy are so happy having come up with something new and different, we are already working on the new new.

So, in upcoming releases expect to see even more great and useful features baked into the software dedicated to one focussed goal – scaling up.

Many more things to come

Generate more qualified leads!

Leads love perfect landing pages – if they appear to be created just for them.