February 15, 2023

Content adapting to user behaviour

SEA: Optimizing campaign content based on user behavior

Initial campaign setup and what happens after the launch

After an SEA campaign is set up on platforms like Google or Microsoft Ads, the fun really begins, as deeper analyses of user behavior are comparatively easy to do with the tools provided, even for beginners.

Google Ads, for example, offers various analysis tools that help you learn more about your campaigns and your target group. These include Google Ads Conversion Tracking, Audience Analysis, Audience Insights or Attribution Modeling.

The importance of user behavior analysis

User behavior analysis is essential for any SEA campaign. With this analysis, you can better understand how your audience responds to your ads and which tactics will best support your campaign.

With the help of user behavior analysis, you can also find out which keywords, ad groups, and ad elements work best, as well as which ads attract the most attention and which the least.

This information will help you optimize your SEA-campaign and get the best results.

Set focal points and enrich them with content marketing

Particularly in the case of quantitatively broad campaigns, after some time it is possible to identify excellent thematic focal points, which can be enriched with the appropriate content in the second step. The basic groundwork for this, however, is that a landing page exists for each keyword combination. The problem at this point seemed insurmountable for a long time and always turned out to be a bottleneck for SEA agencies.

How lyftyfy provides broad and highly relevant coverage

lyftyfy solves this bottleneck by actually generating a separate landing page for each keyword combination at the blink of an eye. These are based on the same template, but can be extended and supplemented by individual content blocks with texts, images, infographics, or videos. Even animated graphics and other HTML code are possible.

Thus, to stay with the analysis of user behavior, you can quickly deliver two completely different topic blocks, which are, however, equally characterized by a good performance in the CTR (click-through rate), with individual content to subsequently also maximize the performance of the landing pages.

This is expressed, for example, in a high quality factor, which has a direct influence on the ad ranking and thus also the click prices. Last but not least, visitors will feel very comforted by the highly relevant content and will not look for further information on other websites.

Are you curious? Request a free demo now

lyftyfy opens a door for the optimization of the conversion funnel in SEA, which has not existed so far. Create your own perfectly tailored responses for each user type based on user behavior today. It’s as exciting as it is complex. If you’re interested, we’d be happy to introduce you to our tool in more detail – perhaps even with a specific case study that’s relevant to you.