February 27, 2023

What Landing Pages Need To Get Traction

What Your Landing Pages Need To Be Capable Of To Get Traction

Why highly relevant landing pages are so important in ad campaigns

The goal of every ad campaign is a successful conversion at the end of the funnel, regardless of whether it is a sales or a lead campaign. In order to achieve optimal values here, a precisely fitting landing page is indispensable. After the preceding ad has aroused curiosity, the user’s need expressed in the search term must be fully satisfied on the landing page. This is the only way to reliably achieve conversions. Otherwise, the money paid upon clicking on the ad is irrevocably burned – nothing is thus worse than the combination of a good ad and an inadequate landing page.

The main problem for SEA agencies is that variety can be presented in ads in a much more simplified way than on landing pages. The title of an ad on Google or Bing, for example, is restricted to a limit of 3×30 characters, and even the body text only allows 2×90 characters. Consequently, it is sufficient here to simply exchange the keyword and otherwise work with a generic CTA such as “Learn more here” – as described above, the ad ultimately only arouses curiosity.

Complexity of individual landing pages as a bottleneck

However, building a separate landing page for each keyword combination is much harder. Ideally, the SEA manager would have to manually build individual landing pages with the perfect custom content. In some cases, this may still be quite manageable and therefore feasible – but as soon as you move into the navigational space, e.g. want to work dynamically with the locations of different stores or offer a product that requires a lot of explanation, the landing page or the required bandwidth quickly becomes an insurmountable hurdle. Since 80% of all search traffic consists of information searches, you can probably already guess that this is often the case.

In current practice, SEA agencies therefore usually try to avoid the effort of customizing landing pages and therefore focus on a few generic pages. While these are universally applicable, they logically lack purposefulness at the top – freely following the motto “A little bit of everything, but nothing really”. For particularly high budgets, the sheer visibility may still compensate for this disadvantage, but this approach is definitely not (cost-)efficient.

ChatGPT and other AIs as additional drivers

Chatbots like Open AI’s ChatGPT, promoted by Microsoft, primarily increase users’ expectations of search results through this new form of instant response, which makes longer-term browsing of hit pages obsolete. In a world where an AI program can write expert opinions at the push of a button, tomorrow’s users will expect tailored answers, especially for their informational search queries.

At this point, it seems highly questionable whether the generic landing pages mentioned in the paragraph above are really still sufficient in light of these latest developments. Even awareness will no longer be generated to a positive extent, as your landing page will merely be remembered as an insubstantial shell. What you therefore ideally need is an automatism that delivers highly relevant landing pages for every topic from a broad spectrum at the push of a button. Once this structural foundation has been laid, ChatGPT and other AIs can quickly become your friend when it comes to content creation. However, you should always keep in mind that text generators have to work with content from the past – so at the same time, you have the opportunity with your landing pages in an innovative way to highlight what sets your offer apart from the competition with more current content and arguments.

How lyftyfy creates customized landing pages for every search query at the push of a button

The ads architecture of lyftyfy now gives you this possibility for the first time and generates your own individual landing page for any number of search queries fully automated. You can not only vary between individual templates, in which the different keywords are inserted in each case – through the complete dynamization you now have for the first time the possibility to define completely own content blocks on keyword level. In addition to standard elements such as texts or images, this can also be completely user-defined HTML code.

For example, as a stationary provider of hearing aids, you create a content block with a picture of your store in Bonn, including directions to it, for the user searching for “hearing aid Bonn”, while the user with the query “Bluetooth hearing aid” is instead served a detailed list of the bestsellers among the Bluetooth hearing aids as well as their advantages and disadvantages. And the user searching for “Bluetooth hearing aid Bonn” simply gets both.

Better performance through the perfect echo

In practice, you benefit from your customized landing pages in many ways: in addition to the obviously higher CTR and conversion rate, Google thanks you for the highly relevant match between search query and landing page not least with a higher quality factor. In addition to the bid, this has a direct effect on the ad ranking, which consequently also reduces your click prices in the long term.

The more granular your approach, the more favorable it becomes – because the less search volume a keyword has, the lower the cost-per-click from the outset. With lyftyfy, you can occupy all these niches for the first time at the blink of an eye. The user experience also improves noticeably, for example, significantly longer visit durations are the result. With the custom-fit landing pages, much more is possible than just quick sales and leads – they can mark the beginning of a long-term close customer relationship.

In addition, you can optimize performance at any time and continuously adjust your ongoing campaign. For example, if a particular topic area crystallizes when you look at the search queries, you can quickly respond to it with landing pages built specifically for it. Content marketing in a SEA framework, so to speak.

Are you curious? Request a free demo now

lyftyfy opens a door for unlimited variety on your landing pages, which has never existed before. Create your customized answers for every search term of your target group today. It’s as exciting as it is complex. If you are interested, we would be happy to present our tool to you in more detail – perhaps even with a concrete case study that is relevant to you.