April 4, 2020

Millions of landing pages

The magic of millions of landing pages – created fully automatically

Ads campaigns can now become much larger

Campaigns with Google or Microsoft ads can in principle be extended into the long tail for almost any length. With the help of keyword permutators (so-called keyword wrappers) like those from Aufgesang, adPERTISE or from TrafficDesign, you can quickly generate hundreds, if not thousands of ads. The bottleneck is usually the landing pages. 

If the quality factor is not to suffer, the landing pages must match each ad exactly. This requires individual texts on each of these landing pages. And this is exactly where the long-tail claim usually falls short. After all, who can afford to adapt the corresponding landing page for each ad from the keyword permutator and link it manually?

From now on, this will all be much easier, scalable and automated. But more on that in a moment.

Why too many landing pages are uneconomical so far

From an economic point of view, a campaign makes sense if the return is higher than the costs. In other words, conversion rate*conversion value must be > CPC. Each of these variables can be optimised at different points – UX and text play just as much a role as clever bidding strategies.

So budget optimization is typically based on the products or services with the highest conversion value. However, as soon as we start creating as many different access points as possible for the same product through long-tail placements, the effort increases, but not the return. The conversion value remains the same, while we create significantly greater effort to consider and create access for different interest levels and motives.

Longtail landing pages are a UX dream

However, it would be a huge win for the user experience if both an ad and the following landing page individually echoed my request for airy summer dresses. Experience shows that a direct response to search queries is associated with high click-through rates (CTR).

In consequence, if the user experience is good, we are well positioned for exceptionally high conversion rates on the landing page, if this echo can be further lived here.

And now we face a strange paradox. Because of too high unit costs, we drop the plan of optimized conversion performance. Instead, we stick with the most frequent keywords, taking as much bycatch as possible. The latter, however, at the expense of user experience and the high bounce rate that comes with it.

Millions of landing pages for all

So lyftyfy goes far beyond what conventional ads helpers like keyword permutators can do. Above all, it breaks the shackles of all advertisers who have so far refrained from using user- and conversion-friendly ads and landing pages in great variety for cost reasons. Because with lyftyfy, the effort is the same whether you run 4 ads and landing pages – or 4 million.

How to create up to 4 million ads and landing pages

Step 1: Develop your keyword world as before. You can assign these keywords to as many categories as you like, or you can use the standard model from lyftyfy. 

Schritt 2: lyftyfy now automatically creates all resulting ad templates – including a text suggestion for the ad text.

Step 3: lyftyfy’s built-in grammar system automatically inflects your keywords (extremely useful for many languages), adds pronouns and much more. Your texts read naturally and genuinely – not as if they were written by a robot. This grammar system is also editable. So you can flexibly determine yourself how your keyword text should be treated or extended in the ad’s copy as well as the landing pages. 

Step 4: You determine the design of your landing page yourself and integrate it into our landing page template. The template is optimized for 100% page speed and works out-of-the-box cookie-free for 100% GDPR compliance and conversion-friendly loading behavior without cookie banners.

Step 5: Step 5: Text the landing page. Our template provides you with the same grammar functions as in the ad module. They ensure that all keywords of the ad can also appear several times on the landing page and always appear correctly in the individual copy’s context. The landing pages appear authentic and individually written to cater to the individual’s user needs. You can even text dynamic calls-to-action.

Step 6: lyftyfy generates exactly one landing page for each ad. Even if you have millions of ads now, you do the linking to the respective landing page template only once. For the multitude of individual ads to landing pages, the system does it automatically – linking errors excluded. Google checks these links after the upload and thus ensures the quality factor. 

Step 7: Grab a coffee and watch how lyftyfy permutates all ads and uploads them to Google. This can also be worth a second coffee if you generate a lot of ads. 

Step 8: While uploading the campaign, enjoy a preview of all your landing pages with real dynamic texts. If you have new ideas, you can make changes to your landing pages any time – even if the campaign is already running.

Step 9: Enjoy your leads – the normal and usual suspects. But also brand new others you never knew about before. While our privacy-friendly self-hosted and cookie-free Matomo analyzes the data and feedbacks the performance figures to Google, you do long-tail market research. You now learn what drives your customers in detail when they search for what they can only find with you.

Are you curious? Request a free demo now!

lyftyfy opens a door to the world of informational search queries that has never existed before. Create your own, perfectly tailored thematic worlds for every type of user today. It’s as exciting as it is complex. If you are interested, we would be happy to present our tool to you in more detail – perhaps even with a concrete case study that is relevant to you.