April 6, 2020

Sense And Nonsense Of Keyword Wrappers For Long-Tail Campaigns

Sense And Nonsense Of Keyword Wrappers For Long-Tail Campaigns

What is a keyword wrapper?

The standard tool for generating as many ads as possible comes under different names: sometimes they are called keyword generators, sometimes keyword wrappers or even keyword mixers. More understandable would certainly be terms such as keyword combinators or somewhat more mathematical keyword permutators. 

The thing they all have in common is that they allow you to enter multiple keyword lists in multiple columns, and then generate a list of all possible combinations of those terms. You can then use this to feed your Google or Bing Ads campaign. We found good German wrappers at Aufgesang, adPERTISE and TrafficDesign.

The keyword wrapper from TrafficDesign

Who needs keyword generators?

As you can see above, just a few entries in each column are enough to create 120 different ads with all existing keyword combinations in one fell swoop. A huge reduction of work. Now all you have to do is copy the list and paste it into the Ads system of your choice. You have a lot of ads without having to combine them manually. That’s it. Still, we think there is so much more.

Is this already Longtail?

Keyword wrappers are described by all providers as door openers into the world of the long tail. This is also apparently true. We just have to imagine filling the lists as seen above a bit more seriously and completely – quickly the possible number of ads goes into the hundreds, maybe we even crack the thousand mark. If that doesn’t sound like long-tail, what does?

Well, how about millions?

The mega wrapper

lyftyfy has further thought out the system for long-tail ads. Of course, we can also enter long lists in our well thought-out category model (or in your own favorite model) and combine many, many ads from them. Unlike the often free tools presented, however, we don’t just generate raw word lists to copy on, but immediately ready-made, viewable and editable ads that are played directly into your Google account at the push of a button. 

The wrapper bottleneck

lyftyfy also tackles another issue right away – the one that makes the use of these wrapper tools seem of limited use in the end. After all, what good is it if we end up with a thousand keywords long list of ads? The real bottleneck when placing thousands of keywords is the lack of suitable landing pages. They don’t come from the generator.

It is precisely this point that makes lyftyfy so special. For all those who are looking for an end-to-end solution for extensive ad campaigns, it offers the only holistic long-tail ad system to date. 

Landing pages for all ads – no matter how many

Because unlike all other systems or isolated tools, lyftyfy doesn’t just generate a large number of ads and then leave you alone with the actual task. It also passes the keywords to our landing page templates. 

This wouldn’t be much of a gain in itself, if these keywords weren’t loaded with linguistic finesse at the same time. Therefore, with lyftyfy you do not create unnatural looking robot pages into which your keywords are bluntly sprinkled, but natural texts.

Over 90% page speed, 100% GDPR compliant, no external scripts, no cookies, local analysis.

At the same time, our landing pages are drilled for speed and achieve well over 90% page speed on Google – on both mobile and desktop devices. Conversion friendliness is further enhanced by the fact that we deliver them 100% GDPR-compliant out of the box. No external script execution, no cookies, no cookie banner. Tracking and reporting to Google is anonymized on our own servers in Germany using Matomo.


Keyword generators, keyword wrappers, keyword combiners, call it what you will, they are a helpful introduction to the basic idea of conquering the long tail with ads. But they are only part of the story. 

Taken on their own, they are little more than a gimmick because they do not help in solving the overall task – and here the effort required by landing pages usually quickly exceeds the benefit. True long-tail ad campaigns therefore remain an unfulfilled dream for most.

To all SEA professionals who want to implement proper long-tail campaigns, lyftyfy brings a holistic system that consistently takes the idea of many, many keywords to its logical conclusion.

Therefore, lyftyfy is the only system with which you can not only generate quite a few ads like with a keyword wrapper tool, but the system that actually makes ads out of them right away, which you can immediately synchronize with Google. In parallel, lyftyfy generates an exactly matching landing page with intelligent texts for each of these ads. And up to 4 million of them. Here lyftyfy could do even more. But Google won’t. 

That’s what we call long-tail campaigns.

Are you curious? Request a free demo now!

lyftyfy opens a door to the world of informational search queries that has never existed before. Create your own, perfectly tailored thematic worlds for every type of user today. It’s as exciting as it is complex. If you are interested, we would be happy to present our tool to you in more detail – perhaps even with a concrete case study that is relevant to you.