January 24, 2023

Dynamic Lead Funnels

Dynamic Lead-Funnels For Every User

What A Lead Funnel Is

A lead funnel is a process that leads potential customers through different stages of the buying decision. In lead campaigns of search engine advertising (SEA), the lead funnel usually starts with a search query and ends with a conversion, such as a registration or a submitted contact form. The lead funnel can be divided into several steps, such as attention, interest, consideration and purchase decision (or sending the lead form). Especially the area of “interest” and “consideration” is usually characterized by a high need for information acquisition, so ideally companies should have a suitable answer in the form of text and images to every question, no matter how detailed (which is reflected in the search query).

How lyftyfy makes every single lead funnel dynamic

The fact that the mere use of the initial search keyword on an individual landing page has a positive effect on the conversion rate has been the consensus in the SEA environment for quite some time. Now imagine the effect when each landing page is completely customized regarding text and images to fit the search query. Lyftyfy delivers fully automated landing pages that look handmade for the user at the blink of an eye. This way you generate the perfectly fitting lead funnel for every user, even in the informative segment. And if your current campaign reveals interesting new search terms that you did not initially consider as a keyword – no problem, lyftyfy will continuously create additional ads and landing pages for you on demand, which you can then further prepare with individual content.

Higher conversions through more relevance 

In practice, Google and other search engines reward the high relevance of the content on the landing pages with a significantly higher quality factor in comparison. In the case of large campaigns, this also applies across a wide range of landing pages with the most diverse topic worlds. Consequently, this leads to more conversions and, ultimately, also to lower click prices, since the high relevance of the landing pages also has a positive effect on the ranking of the ads.

Are you curious? Request a free demo now

lyftyfy opens a door to the informational search world that has never existed before. Create your own, perfectly tailored lead funnel for every user type today. It’s as exciting as it is complex. If you are interested, we would be happy to introduce you to our tool in more detail – perhaps even with a concrete case study relevant to you.