January 26, 2023

Dynamic Landing Pages For Every Keyword Is Like Instant Content Marketing

Dynamic Landing Pages For Every Keyword – Content Marketing In The Blink Of An Eye

We have developed our landing pages further: Create individual content elements for your keywords

In the world of Search Engine Advertising, there is consensus about the fact that landing pages should ideally optimally match the placed ad or keyword with regard to the quality factor. Lyftyfy has already proven that it can create a fully automated landing page for any keyword combination within a very short time, even for complex campaigns.

The foundation for being able to answer every search query of a user in the best possible way has therefore already been laid some time ago in purely structural terms.

Custom fields for unique content at keyword level

Initially, however, the degree of individualization of the landing pages was still quite limited. Although each keyword was embedded individually in the body text of its corresponding landing page – the language engine ensured grammatical correctness – the basic structure of the page always remained the same.

With lyftyfy’s Custom Fields, this changes fundamentally: For each keyword, exclusively individual content modules such as text blocks, images or other code can now be provided, so that theoretically all landing pages, although still based on the same template, are highly individually tailored to the user’s search intention. In this way, landing page A (with keyword A) appears in a completely different guise than landing page B (with keyword B). A wide variety of topics can thus be perfectly mapped on the same template and always offer the searcher exactly what he or she was initially looking for. According to a study by Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology,

80% of all search queries on Google are of an informative nature – a very broad field, which you can now serve with lyftyfy for the first time in any variety at the blink of an eye.

Conquer the informational search world with custom-fit content

Although already blessed per se with outstanding potential, lyftyfy thus unfolds its full magic when your brand or your products require a major investment or are simply in need of explanation, i.e. require a certain amount of advice before the purchase. When buying an air-to-water heat pump, for example, a whole cascade of questions can arise for the potential new customer, of which topics such as “availability”, “mode of operation” or “subsidy options” represent only a section of rough upper-categories.

The decisive point is: No matter how decidedly you want to divide the different categories into topic areas and keep them heterogeneous among each other – with lyftyfy you have an individual landing page with the appropriate content for every keyword combination in all cases. Higher relevance improves the user experience which ultimately leads to more conversions.

How does it work?

The individual content blocks are defined on the landing page and implemented into the tool. Lyftyfy then translates everything correctly formatted to the corresponding landing page. If you don’t have your own content for every single keyword, that’s no problem either – just create standard content for the affected keywords or simply leave the field empty so that the corresponding section for the affected keywords is omitted.

Are you curious? Request a free demo right now

Lyftyfy opens a door to the informational search world that has never existed before. Create your own perfectly tailored thematic worlds for every type of user today. It’s as exciting as it sounds. If you are interested, we would be happy to present our tool to you in more detail – perhaps even with a concrete case study that is relevant to you.